Linguistic services: Your words reflect on you!


Projecting a professional image means being aware of the words you use. Some customers are highly sensitive to the quality of writing, and documents with errors or inaccuracies can tarnish your reputation.

I handle your image with care and I never cut corners with your revisions and translations. I am your ally in the creation of perfect texts.

  • Translation from English to French
  • Comparative revisions (English–French): comparing a translation with its original version to ensure conformity
  • Revision of French documents
  • Final proofreading prior to printing

You can entrust me with your administrative documents, websites, brochures, press releases, packaging content, contracts, training manuals and any other French document needing revision or English documents requiring translation into French. A generalist, I am highly versatile, but I also have significant technical expertise in specific areas, such as road transportation and sports equipment.

Does your field have its own vocabulary and jargon? Be assured that I always adapt my work to the industry.